Blending Blockchain and A.I. to Enhance User Experience and App Capabilities

Justin Sun
13 Feb, 2023

Earlier this week, I shared on socials (here it is on LinkedIn) about TRON’s desire to encourage the integration of artificial intelligence technology into all that’s being developed across the TRON ecosystem. Imagine how automated, intelligent analysis would enhance and strengthen every aspect of commerce, data, investment, and content on the blockchain. 

That’s why we’ve established a $100M USD Artificial Intelligence Development Fund. TRON leaders have identified four areas of focus: 

  • A.I. Service Payment Platform

  • A.I. Infused Oracles

  • A.I. Informed Investment Management Services

  • A.I. Generated Content. 

However, innovators and developers whose imaginations arrive at further use cases should absolutely consider applying for funding. It would be welcomed! 

Let me explain a little bit more about the four areas of focus and why this is so significant. 

A.I. Service Payment Platform 

A.I. can be used to enhance service payment platforms in several ways. It can be used to:  

  • Automate payment processing

  • Analyze customer data and provide personalized payment options

  • Detect potential fraud and create safer payment methods

  • Create virtual assistants that can provide customer service, guide customers through the payment process, and answer any questions along the way

  • Create more efficient payment systems, reducing the time and cost associated with processing payments

On top of all that, consider how artificial intelligence can assist in the creation, deployment, and execution of smart contracts, as well as needed adjustments in metadata. What if A.I. was integrated to analyze currency settlement on the blockchain and executed the settlement at a calculated time when it benefitted everyone involved the most? A.I. utility will also enhance automated revenue generation and expedited digital commerce for the developers who integrate A.I. tools into their decentralized applications. 

Artificial Intelligence will enable self-learning, on-the-go, adaptable capabilities in all facets of decentralized commerce

A.I. Infused Oracles

A.I. enhanced oracles will strengthen the way data is stored, called, transferred, and settled on the blockchain, enabling a future iteration of the internet, some call it Web3, that empowers builders and users alike. 

TRON’s expeditious, efficient, and inexpensive blockchain network is perfect for creating oracles like this. Other blockchains make data movement almost unreachable from a cost perspective. A.I. integration teamed up with TRON’s data-focused Layer2 blockchain, the BitTorrent Chain, is a perfect combination, because of its fully decentralized file storage system (BTFS), powering data management in decentralized, adaptable, intelligent ways. Decentralized data management is actually a differentiating factor for TRON and the BitTorrent Chain, setting it apart from almost all other blockchains that only use centralized data storage and oracle services. 

Imagine it. Developers will be able to build in automated adjustments for optimized user experiences and dApp data transactions, because of the insightful, real-time analysis A.I. tools will provide. 

A.I. Informed Investment Management Services 

Using A.I. technology, investment management services in the TRON ecosystem will be able to: 

  • Create more complex and intelligent trading algorithms

  • Analyze market trends in real-time

  • Discover even more advanced and dynamic strategies

  • Make more insightful investment decisions

I can foresee DeFi lending platforms being able to more accurately predict the direction of various assets as well as the balance between user assets and liabilities, thereby reducing the risk of default and improving the utilization rate of funds. As A.I. processes what it’s learning from day to day and month to month, it will be able to assist with evaluation and thus identify potential loopholes in certain smart contracts or potential security risks based on blockchain financial transactions. A.I. will also be able to learn market trends then write smarter smart contracts that automate trading, in theory leading to better returns. 

I am convinced that the blending of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence services will supercharge the way developers build decentralized financial solutions and users experience  crypto investing. 

A.I. Generated Content 

NFTs are so much more than just creator-generated content, although, as you know, I do enjoy collecting stellar digital art. But as people realize the disruptive potential of NFT technology, it will enlighten the way entrepreneurs imagine engagement and invigorate the way innovators develop more efficient processes inside applications. Integrating A.I. tools into content generation, no matter which industry, will enable on-the-go user research to inform creators and developers of market wants and needs. 

For example, imagine a travel experience company building A.I. conversation capabilities into its decentralized application. Users discuss ideal vacations with the A.I. tool, which then engages with the options airlines, lodging, culinary, and recreational vendors have provided. A series of unique travel-experience NFTs are then generated, each of them containing smart contracts with automated fund distribution to every vendor involved, and previews of every NFT are sent to the user. The user connects their digital wallet and looks through the previews, each containing unique narratives along with art describing exciting leisure destinations. The user selects the travel experience they desire, the dApp verifies their funds, the travel experience is secured, and the various vendors are paid. That all happens within seconds of the selection. The day arrives for travel, and on the entire trip, the user displays their NFT for access, ordering, perks, and more. 

A.I. will enhance NFT utilization by constantly learning advanced ways to create as well as utilize NFTs, leading to unprecedented industry disruptions. 

Funding for Development

I tweeted back on Monday, February 6, 2023, a thread that spelled out how A.I. integration will strengthen the entire TRON Ecosystem. Consider this:

  • WINkLink, the first comprehensive oracle of TRON’s ecosystem, combined with the DeFi applications JUST and SUN, all relying on the powerful computing and analysis capabilities of A.I., will together enable efficient investment management services for on-chain assets. 

  • A.I. integration in smart contract development will allow for more intelligently and effectively created, deployed, and executed smart contracts.

  • The APENFT Marketplace will offer A.I. infusion for users in its NFT marketplace. 

  • TRON’s robust blockchain commerce system provides the best infrastructure for a shared A.I. economy, including the tokenization of artificial intelligence services.

The hope of the A.I. Development Fund is that developers are inspired to use A.I. in current as well as future applications built on the TRON blockchain, both in the back end and front end of development, AND that they apply for funding to help them do so.


The result of blending A.I. and blockchain tech will be a new, decentralized, intelligent ecosystem that is secure, trustworthy, tamper-proof, uncensorable, and adaptable.

When asked, “Which blockchain is integrating artificial intelligence,” ChatGPT responded with, “Currently, there is none.” In the near future, with the self-learning capability of A.I., I can’t wait for that answer to be TRON. 

It’s just another way TRON is building the future of commerce and community for every human on the planet.

Written by Justin Sun