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BUIDL 101: TRC20 Tokens

Jan 9, 2024

How to Create and Deploy TRC20 Tokens on the TRON Network:

In this series of BUIDL 101 that the TRON DAO team has put together, you will learn the process of creating and deploying a TRC20 token on the #TRONNetwork.

If you're not familiar with TRC20 tokens, the below introduction will help:

Introduction for TRC20 Tokens

Here are the tools and resources you will need to get started:


Shasta Testnet:



Getting Started: Tools and Resources


Step 1: Writing Your TRC20 Token Smart Contract

1st Step

Step 2: Compiling Your Smart Contract

Step 3: Deploying Your Smart Contract on the Shasta Testnet

2nd and 3rd Step


Step 4: Deploying Your TRC20 on the #TRON Mainnet

4th Step


Step 5: Interacting With Your TRC20 Token

Final Step


Hope this has been helpful for the community. What other guides would you like to see from the team? Leave them a comment below.

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