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200 Million Users on TRONDAO

Dec 6, 2023

As TRON DAO celebrates reaching 200 million users, I want to extend a special shout out to and its developers.

Remarkably, 34,500,061 users on #TRON, which represents 17.2% of all our users, now hold #USDT.


This is not only a significant milestone but also a testament to our growing ecosystem. I am confident that we will continue to increase the usage of USDT and other #stablecoins, further solidifying our position in the market.

I firmly believe that the future of #TRONDAO hinges on four fundamental pillars: #Decentralization, #Compliance, #Communication, and Institutional Engagement.

To propel TRON forward, we must intensify our efforts to enhance the decentralization of the #TRON blockchain. Direct and frequent communication with our community and developers is crucial for fostering a collaborative and informed environment.

Engaging with regulators around the world is essential to broaden #blockchain adoption and align with global compliance standards. Additionally, attracting more institutional investors into the TRON Ecosystem will be a key strategy in our continued growth and success.

Today is going to be a significant day for TRON, as we will surpass the milestone of 200 Million users. It's been a long and rewarding journey for everyone in the TRON Community, and I am extremely grateful for your constant support and presence.

The crypto winter is finally coming to an end, and I firmly believe that everyone who continues to build and contribute in this industry will have a bright and prosperous future!