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Bridging USDT to TRON via Coin98

Nov 30, 2023

The teams at #Symbiosis have put together a TRON DAO swap guide with @coin98_wallet.
Here's how to bridge #USDT to #TRON:

1. Visit #Coin98 DApp Browser and click on Symbiosis:


2. Connect your Coin98 Wallet to the Symbiosis #DApp:


3. Select token on the source chain you want to use for your swap:

4. Next, select the token on the #TRON chain that you want to swap into:


5. You should use the TRON address from the Coin98 Wallet and paste it here:


6. Click Approve and the Swap button. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

And you're done in just these 6 simple steps. What other guides would you like to see from the team? Leave them a comment below.