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The Relentless Rise of Stablecoins

Nov 12, 2023

A few days ago, I shared a report on #Stablecoins. Let's break that down today and examine how the TRON DAO network is showcasing its remarkable performance.

In this research conducted by Peter Johnson and Sai Srikar Nimmagadda, delve into insights on the leading fiat-backed #stablecoins, focusing on non-speculative use.

The study spans across diverse #blockchains and L2 solutions, providing key observations.


Full Report at the end of Article


As of the first half of 2023, there are approximately 5 million weekly users/entities actively engaging with #stablecoins, conducting a staggering 35 million weekly transactions.

Notably, 40% of the overall active addresses are sending #stablecoins on the #TRON network.

H1' 2023


In 2022, the total value of #stablecoins on networks exceeded $11 trillion, nearly reaching Visa's transaction volume. They constitute 14% of ACH transactions and over 1% of Fedwire payments, with weekly transactions ranging from $150 billion to $200 billion.

Presently, the #TRON network manages approximately $70 billion weekly, putting TRON DAO on course for a remarkable $3.64 trillion in 2023.



As of June 2023, there were 38 million weekly on-chain #stablecoin transactions, with 5 million addresses averaging around 7 weekly transactions each.

At present, the #TRON network manages approximately 14 million weekly transactions, and they are projected to reach 728 million in 2023.

June 2023


The #stablecoin supply has experienced remarkable growth, surging from under $3 billion five years ago to surpassing $120 billion today.

Specifically, the #TRONDAO network's stablecoin supply has seen substantial growth this year, marking a 19% year-to-date increase and currently standing at approximately $46 billion.


Is #TRON network emerging as the pivotal force shaping the future of the stablecoin landscape? What are your thoughts?

Special thanks to Allium Labs, for contributing data to this piece.


Full Report:

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